Linen Lavender Sachets - Grey Chambray Confetti

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Organic lavender sachets in a beautiful modern design – an everyday luxury that will keep your linens smelling fresh. 

The scent of lavender promotes relaxation; place a sachet on your nightstand to relieve stress before falling asleep (you may just dream of Provence in the South of France). These sachets are just as pretty as the fragrance, and make a perfect "just because" gift for a friend.

Our linen sachets are filled with pure organic lavender and feature our favorite patterns from the Cotton & Flax collection. An occasional squeeze keeps the lavender scent strong and effective. 

  • Set of two sachets
  • 4 x 4 inches each
  • Linen/Cotton blend fabric
  • Contains 6 oz (by volume) of dried organic lavender flowers
  • Hand silkscreen printed with eco-friendly ink
  • Handmade in California in collaboration with Minor Thread

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