Linen Lavender Sachets - Gold Triangles

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The delicate, floral scent of organic lavender sachets will freshen your dresser drawers or linen closet. A pop of bold geometric pattern keeps these sachets feeling modern.

The calming scent of lavender promotes relaxation and stress relief. A beautiful, everyday aromatherapy indulgence to keep close at hand. Pick up a gift set for Mom – she deserves it.

Our linen sachets are filled with high-quality organic lavender and feature our favorite patterns from the Cotton & Flax collection. An occasional shake or squeeze will revive the fragrance. 

  • Set of two sachets
  • 4 x 4 inches each
  • Linen/Cotton blend fabric
  • Contains 6 oz (by volume) of dried organic lavender flowers
  • Hand silkscreen printed with eco-friendly ink
  • Handmade in California in collaboration with Minor Thread

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